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I'm trying to embed MetaPost graphics inside a LaTeX file using the emp package, with pdflatex.

When I include the line:

\usepackage{emp} %part 1

pdflatex doesn't produce any output (it says 0 pages), but doesn't seem to create an error.

I've checked that it works without that line, and I've checked that emp is installed. I've tried reinstalling MiKTeX, which someone said worked on a similar problem. I haven't even included any MetaPost yet. I've tried it with the lines suggested at this page (which I've divided into part 2 and part 3:


And I've tried it without. The only way it will give output is if I don't include any of that stuff. If part 1 is there, it just doesn't work.

Am I being a complete moron?

Attached is a MWE.


%part 1:

%part 2:

\begin{empfile} %part 3
\begin{empcmds} %part 3
input metauml;  %part 3
\end{empcmds}   %part 3
\section{What is a set?}
A set is a collection of objects.
\end{empfile}   %part 3
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You have to run Metapost on the resulting .mp file and run LaTeX again; but you have no emp environment in the example. Can you add one? However, I get one page. – egreg Sep 20 '12 at 9:48
The \ifx\pdftexversion\undefined in your example is wrong in a modern system. \pdftexversion is always defined, even if you run latex. Use the ifpdf package for such tests. – Ulrike Fischer Sep 20 '12 at 10:44
Following @UlrikeFischer's remark: Your whole section with \ifx\pdftexversion\undefined is not needed: Just load graphicx without an explicit driver and it will pick the right one. – Martin Schröder Sep 21 '12 at 9:02