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I am trying to convert my CV below to latex. Currently I have manually created it in Inkscape. I have already managed to get the headings and footers right:




\setmainfont{Ubuntu Light}
\newfontface\headerfnt{Sansation Bold}

\newcommand\contactinfo{\fontsize{8pt}{8}\selectfont\headerfnt My address \\ postal code and city \\ telephonenr }

\newcommand\footertext{\fontsize{10pt}{15}\selectfont\footerfnt e: email@address /// w: www.ebsi.te /// skype: skyphandle /// twitter: @twitterhandle}






But I'm struggling howto do the content. A typical cv-entry looks like this:

@ company/organisation
period of time
description of the job

What I want to achieve is that:
1) It all stays on 1 page
2) Space between textblocks are evenly distributed in each column from top to bottom of page
3) textblocks fill each columns vertically
4) I can control the color of each heading
5) If possible make use of a CV package that can be modified to look like this

My CV made with Inkscape and pixelated

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First of all, do you know the document class europecv, moderncv or simplecv?. May be is not exactly that you have in mind, but maybe enough considering the effort to develop another template. – Fran Sep 23 '12 at 11:13
I'm fairly familiar with those. However, I think it will be more work customizing them so they will look like my original CV then starting afresh? – grrrbytes Sep 23 '12 at 14:37
@fran Could you please add hyperlinks to the on line class documentation of europecv, moderncv, ad simplecv in your comment? – Marc van Dongen Sep 23 '12 at 19:59
@MarcvanDongen, the three are in www.ctan.org/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/ (Just add one class name to this URL to jump directly). – Fran Sep 23 '12 at 21:51
@MarcvanDongen: JFYI Comments can only be edited within 4 minutes. – Speravir Sep 23 '12 at 23:08
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I suggest you to use moderncv or friends for this job. However, this should help you to get started (though it will not answer your all questions). Fitting everything in one page should be done manually.


My name \\
My address\\
My home\\
My city
My name \\
My address\\
My home\\
My city
  \item[\Large\bfseries\color{red}{\#}] {{\Large\color{red}{\bfseries About me}} \\ \lipsum[1]}
  \item[\Large\bfseries\color{blue}{\#}] {{\Large\color{blue}{\bfseries Work experience}} \\ \lipsum[2]}
  \item[\Large\bfseries\color{green}{\#}] {{\Large\color{green}{\bfseries Other experience}} \\ \lipsum[3]}
  \item[\Large\bfseries\color{magenta}{\#}] {{\Large\color{magenta}{\bfseries Education}} \\ \lipsum[4]}
  \item[\Large\bfseries\color{yellow}{\#}] {{\Large\color{yellow}{\bfseries Skills}} \\ In sleeping and eating and resting}
  \item[\Large\bfseries\color{green!30!blue}{\#}] {{\Large\color{green!30!blue}{\bfseries Honors \& Awards}} \\ 
      Suspendisse vel felis. Ut lorem lorem, in-
        terdum eu, tincidunt sit amet, laoreet vi-
        tae, arcu. Aenean faucibus pede eu ante.
        Praesent enim elit, rutrum at, molestie
        non, nonummy vel, nisl. Ut lectus eros,
        malesuada sit amet, fermentum eu, so-
        dales cursus, magna.}
  \item[\Large\bfseries\color{red!40!green}{\#}] {{\Large\color{red!40!green}{\bfseries Interests}} \\ Eating and sleeping}
My name \hfill My street \hfill My city\\
My phone \hfill My fax \hfill My mail

enter image description here

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this definitely helps me on the way. You even got my skills and interests correct. Many tnx! – grrrbytes Sep 23 '12 at 15:28
@grrrbytes: hehe. Thanks. I was trying to reduce space for those items. ;) – Harish Kumar Sep 23 '12 at 22:43

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