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Recently I came across flip beamer theme. You can find it here

I didn't like the current frame/total frames page numbering style so I added in the .tex file the following lines


but it didn't work. I thought of trying to see what's going on in the .sty files. In beamerouterthemeFlip.sty I replaced

\node at (\paperwidth-5ex,4ex){\small$^\text{\insertframenumber}/_\text{\inserttotalframenumber}$};


 \node at (\paperwidth-5ex,4ex) {\small $\insertframenumber$};

and it worked.

changing numbering style

Now I want to add smoothbars on top...The ones with circle...Something like that

circles and smooth bars

In .tex file I added


but not only it didn't work, it somehow ruined the beauty of the theme.

the loss of beauty

Is there a way to achieve that? Circles on top without ruinning everything...

I am also trying to add a logo but using


It is not working...

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Concerning your problem with the smoothbars theme: Calling \useoutertheme[subsection=true]{smoothbars} before \usetheme[...]{Flip} work for me. Still you will get many ** WARNING ** Annotation out of page boundary. by XeLaTeX. – Henri Menke Sep 6 '13 at 18:15

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Logo is inserted with \insertlogo macro. For this, you need to uncomment line 171 in beamerouterthemeFlip.sty

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Or copy the definition into document preamble. – Speravir May 4 '13 at 21:42

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