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I would like to know the viability of using Latex for producing posters to promote an event. Something around the lines of this. And obviously, if there are any useful packages for this, or maybe some other tool other than latex.

PS: i know what Photoshop is of course. I just want to know what if there are any more code-oriented alternatives for this.

EDIT: After re-reading the question i guess it's not quite clear what i want. I know how to apply images (in response to the first comment), and any overall feature i need i guess i can easily search around. This is not a question about "how do i do this", but more so "is it a good idea?" Let's say i'm not a Photoshop/design kind of guy, but i'm more into coding, and i can actually do some pretty stuff (HTML+CSS for example). Is it viable for me to use Latex to produce a poster like the example above?

If yes: any package/env/template i should know about? If no: why? and what alternatives do i have?

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Not sure what part of 'this' is the key here. If you mean putting an image on the page, you should look at things like graphicx, and/or the comprehensive drawing packages like pstricks, tikz/pgf, asymptote. The various watermark packages would also be of use. – jon Sep 25 '12 at 3:25
After reading your comment, and re-reading the question, i've edited it to make it more clear – Naps62 Sep 25 '12 at 16:24
I like using LaTeX to do things, so I won't give an unbiased answer here: it is a fine idea. For ideas about how to include a background image, consider the answers to this question. The rest of the stuff in your example just look like it's a matter of putting words on a page, and *TeX is pretty good at doing that. – jon Sep 26 '12 at 4:56