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Is it possible to style a border of a "beamercolorbox"? Like in the theme Szeged, but with ONE thin line above the footer instead of the two thick lines.

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Do you mean chaning the footer with the Szeged theme or really modifying a beamercolorbox in general? The separation lines in the Szeged theme are not border lines - they are beamercolorboxes without borders but with a background color. – Stefan Kottwitz Dec 20 '10 at 14:21
Ahh, thanks. Question answered. – Konrad Dec 21 '10 at 8:04
Ok, in that case I post that suggestion as answer, so the question doesn't look like it's unanswered. I took the opportunity to explain it further. – Stefan Kottwitz Dec 21 '10 at 15:22
It would be great if you mark the question as answered, so it would be removed from the Unanswered questions list. – Stefan Kottwitz Mar 4 '11 at 15:38
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The theme Szeged uses the miniframes outer theme. Additionally, it sets the color of th separation line:

\setbeamercolor{separation line}{use=structure,bg=structure.fg!50!bg}

It's the parent color for all separation lines. They could be changed indivudually. To remove an individual line, set its background color to empty. For example, this removes the line below the footer, like desired:

\setbeamercolor{lower separation line foot}{bg=}

Actually, those lines are beamer color boxes themselves. They are defined within the miniframes outer theme this way:

\begin{beamercolorbox}[colsep=1.5pt]{upper separation line foot}

Here you can see the thickness of the line. If you would like to make it thinner, like your question shows, you could modify that template, such as:

\begin{beamercolorbox}[colsep=0.5pt]{upper separation line foot}

alt text

Here you can see, the line below the footer is removed and the line above the footer is replace by a thin line. At the top the original lines can be seen.

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