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I am using the memoir class with a numeric citation style that adds the letter "r" before a reference. A minimal example would be this:


\setcitestyle{open={[r},close={]},citesep={; r}}


Here is the document's body text. Dummy\citep{Erdos01,lamport94} text. Dummy text.

\bibitem{Erdos01} P. Erd\H os, \emph{A selection of problems and results in combinatorics}, Recent trends in combinatorics (Matrahaza, 1995), Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge, 2001, pp. 1--6.
  Leslie Lamport, \emph{\LaTeX: A Document Preparation System}. Addison Wesley, Massachusetts, 2nd Edition, 1994.


The superscript citation style is achieved with natbib's super option (and I'd like to maintain this setup), and the link boxes around the citation numbers are achieved through hyperref.

The reference compiles to a superscript "[r1; r2]", as intended, but hyperref's link boxes cover only the numbers "1" and "2"; how do I make hyperref's boxes cover the entire "r1" and "r2"?

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Punctuation characters are not part of the link. You can try instead:

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