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I'm having trouble changing the cellcolor in beamer. I've loaded xcolor alongside beamer, and specified the svgnames and table options;


Here's how I try to change the cellcolor in beamer;

\caption{Summary of the differences between open and cloed word classes}

Open-class & Closed-class\\ 
\cellcolor[yellow]{0.5}Admit new members & Do not admit new members \\ 
Are numerous & Are few \\ 
Express "content" & Do not express "content" \\ 
Carry stress & Rarely carry stress \\ 
Can be long, e.g. \textit{antidisestablishmentarianism} & Tend to be short, e.g. \textit{the, on} \\

I get the error message undefined color model. I checked whether yellow is an SVG color and it is. I also defined a color model called yellow, and this didn't work either.

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is a correct syntax. I suppose you mean a gray color. Then it is


gray is the color model

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