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The idea is to place \LBL{some_label_name} in a paragraph so that I can refer back to the particular point inside that paragraph where the \LBL was placed. I would like to define the macro for \LBL.

Unfortunately the \label must be placed inside an environment with a counter. I tried phantomsection but the label picks up the true section counter. I'm using the hyperref package.

How can I achieve this, what would the \def for \LBL look like?

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There are many ways. The following is using \refstepcounter that generates implicitly an anchor. Also instead of a section number \theword is redefined to get the word instead, if called by \ref.


  The \ref{word} is referenced.

  \lipsum*[1] \LBL{word} \lipsum[2]


If the word is complicate that it cannot be used as label name, then the optional argument helps: \LBL[labelword]{weird word}\ref{labelword}.

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As it turned out, I would need more. Could you please check my new question? – Ali Oct 1 '12 at 21:57

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