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Another question about aligning nodes using matrices in tikz. Consider the following:



\matrix (m)[matrix of nodes, column  sep=5mm,row  sep=3mm, align=center,
nodes={rectangle,draw, text width = 2cm} ]{
                & \node{row1-2};    &                        \\
\node{row2-1};      &               & \node{row2-3 long in two rows};\\

\draw[->] (m-1-2) |- (m-2-1);
\draw[->] (m-1-2) |- (m-2-3);


which yields me this:

Unaligned nodes

How can the boxes in the second row be aligned properly?

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Figured it out. Just add anchor=center to the node definition, and this does the trick:

enter image description here

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