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If I write:


LaTeX generates

axioms, 184
    ZermeloFraenkel, 203, 208

How do I stop the hyphen from disappearing?




(also (MiKTeX version 2.9); compiled via WinEdt's pdftexify option)

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You're using the "en-dash" character, Unicode U+2013, without setting the input to interpret Unicode as UTF-8. This is different from a hyphen.

By compiling your code, the contents of the .idx file is


where I use the "byte" representation for non ASCII (0-127) characters. The .ind file contains


  \item axioms
    \subitem Zermelo<E2><80><93>Fraenkel, 1


and, not so surprisingly, the .log file reports

Missing character: There is no <E2> in font cmr10!
Missing character: There is no <80> in font cmr10!
Missing character: There is no <93> in font cmr10!

Adding \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} corrects the problem:

enter image description here

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Seems to be a code problem with your given - in your code snippet.

The following MWE compiles without problems (errors and warnings) on my system and gives the print you want:


\usepackage{makeidx}   % load package
\makeindex             % make file(s) *.idx

Test\index{Test} Text\index{Text|textbf} 
test\index{axioms!Zermelo-Fraenkel} % - should be printed

\printindex            % print index here

(MiKTeX version 2.9)

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Ah... by 'code problem' , I thought you meant, 'a problem with your code'. Just figured it out. Thank you. – Mohan Oct 4 '12 at 10:08

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