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I'm using some description paragraphs as definitions for some concepts. I want to add them to my register and typeset their pagenumbers in bold numbers (to recognize where is the definition).

The wiki puts an example:

\setupregister [nickname][foto][pagestyle=bold]

And text about Kuba\nickname[foto::]{Kuba}.

But, as you see, it only puts the word under the F letter. I tried with processors too, but it turns bold the word rather than pagenumber. I suspect the manual is outdated in this part too, but I don't know how to do this... Thanks for any help!

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In MkIV register formatting is handled differently. Like in the legacy version, both page numbers and entry text can be assigned a style to highlight certain entries. However, where MkII lets you specify sub-styles that are local to a register, the current version provides the more generic processors.

A processor is defined globally and can be applied to entries of different lists. Also, the separation between pagestyle and textstyle has been removed, which had been redundant anyways. Processors follow the pattern of style alternatives instead and can be configured through the usual style and color options. Finally, “->” replaces the double colon as operator for style application. The wiki page on registers now has a description of processors with examples.

%% step 1: define a register (no plural in MkIV!)
\defineregister [nickname] [style=\WORD\bold,pagestyle=normal]

%% step 2: define a style processor
\defineprocessor [relevant] [style=bold,color=red]

%% step 2a: works with custom styles, too
\definealternativestyle [neato] [\bfb]
\defineprocessor [weird] [style=neato]

  \title{List of Known Nicknames}

  \page text \nickname{foo}
  \page text \nickname{bar}
  \page text \nickname{baz}
%% step 3: use in text
  \page text \nickname[relevant->]{foo}
  \page text \nickname{bar}
  \page text \nickname{baz}
  \page text \nickname{foo}
  \page text \nickname[weird->]{bar}
  \page text \nickname{baz}
  \page text \nickname{foo}
  \page text \nickname{bar}
  \page text \nickname[relevant->]{baz}

demo of register entry processors

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