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how can I get a layout like the one below in my document?

_____________  _____________  _______________
|Big Picture1| |Big Picture2| |Small Picture1|
|            | |            | |______________|
|            | |            |   c) subfigure
|            | |            | _______________
|            | |            | |Small Picture2|
|____________| |____________| |______________|
 a) subfigure   b) subfigure    d) subfigure
            Fig. 1: four subfigures

I tried the floatrow package and managed to get two figures with two subfigures, respectively. But how do I combine them into one figure?


\end{subfloatrow} \\
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Here's one possibility; you might need to adjust some lengths according to your actual needs:



  \vbox to 6.3cm{%
}{\caption{four subfigures}}


enter image description here

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I don't know why you explicitly size the first ffigbox and the vbox. Nevertheless, the rest works like a charm. My final code only uses \ffigbox[\FBwidth][\FBheight] and \vbox{...} Thank you. – Rich Oct 6 '12 at 10:04

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