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I'm using \documentclass{article}. I'm also using bibliographystyle{ecta}. My references are in a separate bibtex file.

After generating the PDF file, when I have two different citations from the same author, in the second citation a long line is drawn instead of the author's name.

Please let me know How to fix this?

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Hello and welcome to TeX.SX! Could you please compose a minimal working example? This basically means stripping down your file to the minimal content that reproduces the error. You can put in a sample .bib file with the package filecontents. P.S.: You can highlight code by indenting it 4 spaces, pressing the {} button, or, for inline use, enclose it in `` – Tom Bombadil Oct 6 '12 at 7:56

This is correct (assuming that ecta.bst correctly implements the relevant style): it's also common: bibliographies often replace the same name with dashes, and many styles require it.

If you really don't want it, but otherwise want the ECTA style, then make a copy of ecta.bst and put it in your working directory (or somewhere TeX will find it), renaming it myecta.bst. Search through it for the following lines:

FUNCTION {name.or.dash}
{ 's :=
   oldname empty$
     { s 'oldname := s }
     { s oldname =
%         { "---" }   old style
         { "---\hspace{-.1pt}---\hspace{-.1pt}---" }    
%SPD 2000
         { s 'oldname := s }

Delete (or comment out) those lines, and replace them with

FUNCTION {name.or.dash} {}

This will prevent the behaviour you are seeing. But, before doing that, be sure that it's really what you need. (Obviously you will need to use \bibliographystyle{myecta} in place of ecta.)

(Please don't modify the file without copying and renaming it!)

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