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Is it possible in Lyx to group itemize text with this symbol } ? In order to understand what i want to do , i attach a screenshot :


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Not in LyX directly but using the LaTeX functionality available from within LyX:

Go to Document | Settings | Latex Preamble

and add


Then, go to Insert | TeX Code and in the box that comes up, enter

Text 1 & \rdelim\}{3}{1mm}[\hspace{2mm} My texts]  \\ 
Text 2 \\ 
Text 3 \\ 

where the 3 in \rdelim\}{3} has to correspond to the number of text items you want to enter, and the 2 in \hspace{2mm} determines the distance of the text from the brace to its right.

enter image description here

Does that help?

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vaettchen thank you so much :D I did it.. it was exactly what i wanted ;) – ALdaperan Oct 6 '12 at 13:13

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