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I am writing my thesis and received a template for inserting landscape graphics on a typical paper when using pdflatex (which I am). It looks like this:


If I typeset the template it looks perfect, but if I do it on my own thesis, the following happens: I get an empty page (this is also where thispagestyle is applied) and one with my graphic (which now has a header again). Commenting out newpage (both) did not change anything! And moving thispagestyle around (below figure, in figure block) did not change anything as well.

So basically whatever I change its like pdflatex ignores all everything and just does what it wants. Removing thispagestyle just adds header to the empty page again.

So my goal: One page with a landscape image. But what I get: One empty page (even no header) and one page with image & header (both are in landscape).

Why is that happening and why is latex ignoring all my settings (if it doesn't matter if I write two newpage why bother adding them?

Since I am not a latex guru, please tell me if you need additional information. Thanks in advance.

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I'm surprised that \KOMAoptions works in the document; I'd expect it to work only in the preamble. You should not expect to be able to switch page sizes in the document that way. – Martin Schröder Oct 6 '12 at 23:29
@MartinSchröder: Yeah it does work, but are warning is emitted that this is a "dirty hack", but since this came from a template, I thought it should work. – javex Oct 7 '12 at 9:37
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Alternative approaches:

Empty page: a complete MWE with warnings/errors from the .log file would be useful.

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