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I use this code on my title page:

{\large {Some College \\ Some Place \\ Some City}} \par}

The first two lines get normal spacing, but the third line gets little more bigger spacing. How can I have equal space between all the three lines?

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{\large {Some College \\ Some Place \\ Some City}} \par

{\large {Some College \\ Some Place \\ Some City} \par}% the inenr {} are useless

{\large Some College \\ Some Place \\ Some City \par}

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+1 for "the inner {} are useless". – Hendrik Vogt Dec 22 '10 at 15:41

End the line after the city, before the scope of \large ends:

{{\large {Some College \\ Some Place \\ Some City}} \par}

If the line or paragraph break happens after the scope of \large has ended, that size declaration would not have an effect on the line spacing.

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