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Consider the MWE below:



    author = {Thomsen, Marie-Louise},
title = {The Sumerian Language},
    subtitle = {An Introduction to its History and Grammatical Structure},
    shorttitle = {Sumerian Language},
    shorthand = {SL},
    edition = {2},
    series = {Mesopotamia Copehagen Studies in Assyriology},
    number = {10},
    location = {Copenhagen},
    publisher = {\foreignlanguage{danish}{Akademisk Forlag}},
    date = {1987},
    year = {1987}

Texte\marginpar{\cite[§228]{Thomsen:SL}} et encore.

This compiles fine. However, when I uncomment the redefinition of marginpar (which I've used successfully for a few years), I get

./minimal:33: Argument of \blx@citeargs@i has an extra }

Either the redefinition is problematic or else this causes a conflict of some kind with biblatex-chicago.

Any thoughts?

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You hit a problem if there is ever a ] in the argument as then parsing for the optional argument goes wrong, so you need a {} group to hide the inner ]:

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Thank-you, that makes good sense, and I'd never have thought of it! –  K.G. Feuerherm Oct 8 '12 at 17:10

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