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I am trying to create Illustration drop down in Lyx. For this I am creating a module in the lines of theorems-ams-bytype.module and theorems-ams-bytype.inc.

This is the code inside it:

Style Example
CopyStyle             Definition
LatexName             example
LabelString           "Illustration \theexample."
Requires              amsthm
LabelCounter          example

What should be done in the code so that I will be able to get a nice tikz box or using mdframe some gray rounded box around the illustration box.

Right now the illustration looks like a example (coming from theorem style) but I want it should look like the concept box below.

enter image description here

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Friends please let me know if the current problem is not clear the way I have posed. Any comments in that direction are also going to be helpful for me to get this work done. – nichas Oct 13 '12 at 5:09

Here a suggestion of code. I have no experiences with Lyx.



apptotikzsetting={\tikzset{mdfbackground/.append style={left color=gray!10!white,right color=white},
mdfframetitlebackground/.append style ={left color=white,right color=gray!10!white}}}]{concept}{Concept}


If $a^m=a^n$ then $m=n$ or $a=1$ or $a=-1$ and $m$, $n$ are even integers.

enter image description here

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