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I'm using biblatex and biber to generate my bibliography and I would like to be able to control the style of a "normal" citation in the text globally in the preamble. At the moment I use \supercite{} every time to cite something. Ideally I would do something like use the \cite{} macro throughout my document and choose the style of citation either in the preamble or with a macro at the beginning of a chapter.

Is this possible?

I'm also using biblatex-chem if that influences anything.

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If you use the \autocite command (instead of \cite), the various chem styles will take care of this for you: as far as I can see (IANAC), two of them use plain superscript by default, one uses superscript in brackets, and one uses italic numbers in parentheses. You can set your own \autocite using the autocite option: see page 52 of the Biblatex documentation for the details.

I have seen people who don't like typing the extra letters in \autocite using \let\cite\autocite. I'm never sure if that's a good idea (what if you want to "recover" \cite at some point) ... But I suppose if you are careful it should be OK. Safer, perhaps, if the length of the command is your concern, to define a short alternative of your own.

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I thought adjusting the \cite{} was a bit dodgy and would probably cause me problems later. Thanks :) – Darling Oct 11 '12 at 19:17

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