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I found that in order to use tikz with tex4ht to produce HTML, I need to do the following:


I also need to produce PDF from the same tex file using pdflatex, but that gives me an error with the \def above.

Is there a way to exclude the def from pdflatex?

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htlatex loads package tex4ht at the end of the class. Therefore \@ifpackageloaded can be used to detect TeX4ht. Inside a class tex4ht is not yet loaded if htlatex is used. Then TeX4ht can be detected via \HCode that is defined by htlatex.

  % only needed inside a class
  \expandafter\ifx\csname HCode\endcsname\relax
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Works great - thanks! One question, @Heiko - where can I learn these tex programming commands? Is The TexBook by Knuth the right place? Right now, the only book I have is The Latex Companion. – M-V Oct 12 '12 at 4:40
Experience, answering bug reports, the stuff with \HCode was a recent addition to hyperref, ... – Heiko Oberdiek Oct 12 '12 at 13:51

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