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I have installed the latest version of WinEdt v7 and MiKTeX (october 2012). When I run latex2html and tex4ht is called the tex4ht.env file is everytime overwritten with the default settings. Even if I edit it in the c:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.9\tex4ht\base\win32 folder the version saved in my LaTex source folder looks like the original and if I modify that, it is also rewritten. Where does it come from?

I need to change the resolution dvi2png creates, and that is, as far as I understand done by changing the tex4ht.env file - but again - when I change it, it changes back

Any help is very appreciated.

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There is an option for tex4ht that allows specifying the pixel density of the generated images: graphics-300 would create 300-dpi bitmaps.

htlatex input "html, graphics-300"

Does this work for you?

This switch (and many other) are documented in this blog entry.

Please DO NOT change files that live in C:\Program Files.

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