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I am trying to transition from an existing ipe presentation to beamer by combining slides from both into the same presentation. To do this I need to match the existing slides in beamer, a job that shouldn't be too hard I thought. However, can anyone tell me how to reproduce the following please.

My first problem is the font. Using acroread or pdffonts to determine the fonts used I get a long list that I can't interpret. whatthefont.com gives a few options and the closest is http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/processtype/seravek/extra-light/ which I find hard to believe.

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The fonts are the standard Computer Modern Sans. There are other CM fonts, probably because the test.pdf has been extracted from a bigger one. – egreg Oct 13 '12 at 22:36
Thanks, I should have noticed that. Just need to get it exactly the same in Beamer now. – Raphael Oct 14 '12 at 9:27
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The fonts are easy, actually only three of them are used in the page that was extracted from a larger file via pdftk:

  • The header was set in CMSS12.
  • For the text CMSS10 is used.
  • The item bullets come from CMSY10.

The prefixes, seen in the output of pdffonts are typically added for fonts that are not embedded as full fonts, but using a subset of the needed characters.

An example file that shows the font usages.
Edit: Paper layout added and font sizes fixed.
The header font is scaled by a factor of 2.8 and the text font by a factor of 2.4. The example therefore uses \mag=2400 and \Large instead of \large for the header font to get 2.8/2.4 scaling.

\textcolor{myblue}{\Large Data Structure Lower Bounds}

Predecessor (static)
\item Ajtai Combinatorica '88
\item Miltersen STOC' 94
\item Miltersen, Nisan, Safra, Wigdersen STOC '95
\item Beame, Fich STOC '99
\item Sen ICALP '01


Dynamic problems (partial sums, union find)
\item Fredman, Saks STOC '89
\item Ben-Amram, Galil FOCS '91
\item Miltersen, Subramanian, Vitter, Tamassia TCS '94
\item Husfeldt, Rauhe, Skyum SWAT '96 (planar connectivity)
\item Fredman, Henzinger Algorithmica '98 (non-determinism)
\item Alstrup, Husfeldt, Rauhe FOCS '98 (marked ancestor)
\item Alstrup, Husfeldt, Rauhe SODA '01 (2D NN)
\item Alstrup, Ben-Amram, Rauhe STOC '99 (union-find)


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Thanks very much! – Raphael Oct 14 '12 at 6:18

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