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How can I have a column in a tabular environment so that the first column is automatically produced? Something like this:

Step  & Comments \\
1st & a \\
2nd & b \\
3rd & c \\
4th & d 

Here I am envisaging that the first column is auto-generated and all I have to do is place an \item or some other iterator there. The first row is the column header. Any help getting started would be great!

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You can use the array package to insert a counter increment into the cell:

enter image description here



th\or st\or nd\or rd\else th\fi}


\multicolumn{1}{c}{Step}  & Comments \\
 & a \\
 & b \\
 & c \\
 & d 

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Thanks David. Could you explain what part of the code makes the counter skip the first row? – tchakravarty Oct 15 '12 at 11:24
the \multicolumn{1} replaces the preamble template for the first cell by a simple c so it loses the counter code. – David Carlisle Oct 15 '12 at 11:28

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