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I would like to add fancy-preview to a document that I have created. I thought it would be best to get to learn how to use it on a simple example, so I found this TeX.SE question. I then tried to work with the example document that was given by robert.marik.cz. Here is the code:

\usepackage{hyperref} % Important!

\begin{lemma}[Lemma from \cite{M}]\label{lemma}
If $k<0$, then
for every real number $x$.

Inequality \eqref{eq:1} in Lema \ref{lemma} can be proved easily. Is
more general than \cite[Theorem 3.4]{K}.

\bibitem[M]{M} Me: My book related to the problem (2006), 145 p.
% The new line is important!

\bibitem{K} Karl: Karl's paper published in some minor proceedings, 
a local conferrence organized by his university (2005), 23--25.
% The new line is important!


I compiled the document with no errors (or modifications to the code) but the PDF (in Adobe Reader) does not give the desired effect. Specifically, the previews do not show.

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You need the fancy-preview script that robert.marik.cz made. You can download the script here: user.mendelu.cz/marik/fancy-preview – hpesoj626 Oct 16 '12 at 0:15
Shameless advertisement: there is a new question that I answered that also answered your question. I totally forgot about your question. :) Here it is: Mouseover events in beamer: hovering on \eqref and a comment containing the original equation popping up – hpesoj626 Nov 13 '12 at 3:08

You have to use the fancy-preview script as I have mentioned in my comment. Follow the guide in my answer to Mouseover events in beamer: hovering on \eqref and a comment containing the original equation popping up.

Then in your terminal, run the command:

perl fancy-preview myfile

without the file extension.

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