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I have a lot of short formulas that I want to set out all together—short enough that usually two or three will fit on each line—so I would like to simply give all the formulas, and let TeX place the line- and page-breaks between them.

The mathpar environment, from the mathpartir package, provides almost exactly what I want, allowing one to write e.g.

  x = y
  y = z^2
  z = w^3

According to the documentation, this is implemented using TeX's usual paragraph mechanism. However, mathpar paragraphs do not break across pages, it seems. Is there another package/environment similar to this but allowing page-breaks? Or is there a way to modify mathpar to allow them?

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The package mathpartir has an environment mathparpagebreakable:


  x = y
  y = z^2
  z = w^3
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Thanks very much — that’s exactly what I was after! Confusingly, this seems to have been added since the version number was last bumped — the copy I was using was up-to-date on version number, but didn’t include this environment (and a few other minor changes). – Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine Oct 17 '12 at 15:34

It appears you don't need any special environment at all just use a normal paragraph.

 $ x = y$, $y = z^2$ and   $z = w^3$ ....

will break over lines and pages where needed.

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