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Acrobat Adobe supports 3D PDFs to be included into LaTeX.

I could use another tool to create a PDF and import that PDF into my build, but i would rather use a package o include a solid works model directly via my latex compiler.

The result schould look like one of the results on the Adobe Demo page. Including the users ability to freely rotate the Unit.

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If SolidWorks can export the model to either u3d or prc (preferred) file formats, you can embed that into your document using the media9 package.

If, however, only PDF with the embedded interactive model can be exported, you may extract the u3d or prc data into a standalone file using pdftk and a text editor. Instructions are given in another answer.

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Instead of extracting 3D model from the Solidworks PDF file, you can embed Solidworks PDF file as a whole into LaTeX PDF file.

The PDF format allows the inclusion of files inside the PDF document. The included files can be bound to an annotation on a page. Or they can be recorded in a sorted list of embedded files. The packages attachfile or attachfile2 follow the first approach, package embedfile uses the latter method.

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