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I have a problem with colors that is rather weird. I wrote this presentation in beamer, and while I set all the color of the text with


and I use them with


I realized that the color of the text changes from slide to slide, I mean something like 'green' instead of 'seagreen', regardless of the fact that I use always the same command to set the color. I don't manage yet to replicate this problem with a minimal example. Does anybody have any thoughts about what it could be?


I realized this is a problem only visualizing with acroread, instead evince shows the correct colors. Do you think this is a genuine problem with acroread, or it is due to the fact I did something wrong in my tex file?

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It really seems to be an viewer problem, not related to TeX or beamer. – Stefan Kottwitz Oct 17 '12 at 16:24

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