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For some of my style files, I would like to have a sans-serif typeface within my figures. I have code which seems to be working,


but surely there's a better way?

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I would use

  1. the caption package to control the font of (float) captions;
  2. the floatrow package to control the font of other float content (i.e. tabular material).




% \centering% Default for floatrow package
\begin{tabular}{cc} \hline
Author & Title \\ \hline
Knuth & The \TeX book \\
Lamport & \LaTeX \\ \hline
\caption{A table}

% \centering% Default for floatrow package
\caption{A figure}

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Thank you for suggestion the floatrow package. That provided the tools I needed! – Ben Dec 28 '10 at 1:37
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lockstep suggested to use the floatrow package. Since I wanted to do a bit more than just \sf, I thought I'd post my solution here.

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