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How make paragraph in TikZ. I use \parbox with \node

\node {\parbox[5cm]{text}};

but i need more options, alignment center or left or right, similar to text box. All in TikZ.


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There are some differences between TikZ versions.

  • With TikZ/pgf 2.10 use the alignment options given by Torbjorn: align=left etc. as options to \node. This doesn't work with TikZ 2.00. Example:

    \node[text width=3cm,align=right] {your text};
  • With TikZ/pgf 2.00 or below use text options to \node such as text centered, text ragged or text badly ragged. Example:

    \tikz \draw (0,0) node[text width=3cm,text ragged] {your text}
  • You may always use the vertical alignment options of \parbox and horizontal alignment declarations within the box.

    Syntax: \parbox[position][height][inner-pos]{width}{text}

    Example: \node{\parbox[t][6cm][c][5cm]{\centering your text}};

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Thanks! And justify in TikZ/PGF 2.00? And break line with \\? – Regis da Silva Dec 29 '10 at 14:46
@Regis da Silva: option text justified, and just use \\. Example: \node[text width=2cm,text justified] {Test\\text and more text}; – Stefan Kottwitz Dec 29 '10 at 15:12

See section 16.4 in the TikZ manual. For example:

\usepackage{lipsum} % for creating dummy text
  \node [text width=5cm,align=left] {\lipsum[1]};

Other alignment options are center and right (naturally), as well as flush left, flush center and flush right, in which no hyphenation will occur, and justify.

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