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I am using \tableofcontents to create TOC in my document. however it is appearing as shown in the image. As the numbers increase the gap between the number and text is reducing.

Thanks for your help Aku

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You can use the tocloftpackage, e.g.


The lengt \cftXnumwidth defines how wide the space for the number of X should be, where X is part (for \part), chap (for \ \chapter), sec (for \section) etc. See the tocloft manual for a complete list. Set this length to fit your needs.

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You can use a package or simply redefine the section level command as follows:




In the \def\l@section{\@dottedtocline{1}{1em}{2em}} change the 2em to suit. Here is the format of the \@dottedtocline{<level>}{<indent>}{<numwidth>}{<title>}{<page>}.

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I used your trick because tocloft completely remove all format of the toc. But with your command chapter in the toc are no longer written in bold. How can I fix this ? Maybe it is due to the fact that chapter is not a dotted toc line ? –  Ger Sep 3 '12 at 10:14

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