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I am trying to plot using pgfplots from a file containing two colums separated by tabs.

Tweak   Probability
4   0.0065935332
5   0.0006670277
6   0.0002015741
7   6.31090951863062E-005
8   0.000012437
9   0.000003721
10  1.02492049264844E-006
11  2.40164808733254E-007
12  0.000000056
13  1.525040714335E-008
14  0.000000003
15  9.31322573422856E-010
16  4.65661286657218E-010
17  5.82076609134674E-011
18  7.27595761413049E-012
19  7.27595761407755E-012

When I do \addplot table[x=Tweak, y=Probability] { myfile.dat };, I get this error:

! Package pgfplots Error: Could not read table file '" img/doubletweak.dat "'. In case you intended to provide inline data: maybe TeX screwed up your end-of-lines? Try `row sep=crcr' and terminate your lines with `\\' (refer to the pgfplotstable manual for details).

I tried doing what it says, to no avail. When I copy and paste the table and use it in-line, the plot works fine. What might be wrong?

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Start by removing the spaces around the file name: {myfile.dat} – Joseph Wright Oct 22 '12 at 10:23
Ha ha, how stupid. This was the issue. Would you supply answer so I can mark it? – Martin Lauridsen Oct 22 '12 at 11:07
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TeX does not (normally) ignore spaces in arguments. Thus { myfile.dat } and {myfile.dat} are not the same: remove the spaces around the file name and it should be found.

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