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I am using LaTeX with Beamer to create a presentation. I know what I want a certain slide to look like but have not been able to get it to work without the text or pictures wiggling. Any help would be much appreciated. Here's my idea for the slide:

On the first slide, I want the first bullet point and two sub-points displayed. No problem. On the second slide, I want to remove the two sub-points from the first slide, keep the main bullet point from the first slide in the same location, add a second main bullet point and three sub-points for it. And repeat. At the bottom of the slide, I want to have a picture remain in the same spot for all the overlays.

---Slide 1---

  • First point
    • Sub point
    • Sub point

---Slide 2---

  • First Point
  • Second Point
    • Sub point
    • Sub point
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The overlayarea command (thanks to this post here) may be what you are searching for:

            \item First Point
                    \item subpoint
                    \item subpoint
                \item Second Point
                    \item subpoint
                    \item subpoint
                    \item another subpoint
    \rule{\linewidth}{1em} %Add your image here

enter image description here

You will just have to adjust the second argument of the \begin{overlayarea} command to fit the height of your itemize and replace the \rule command with your \includegraphics.

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