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Having 3 figures that thematically should stay together in one figure environment as subfigures (I'm using subfig currently), I know that there's no way to allow those pictures to separate over few pages automatically with subfig (according to 13.pg of documentation).

Is there a way to do this with some other package? - OR - What's the most elegant way to do this?

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\subfloat[My first subfig caption]{\includegraphics[height=8cm]{foo}}\quad
\subfloat[My second subfig caption]{\includegraphics[height=8cm]{foo}}

\subfloat[My third subfig caption]{\includegraphics[height=8cm]{foo}}\quad
\subfloat[My forth subfig caption]{\includegraphics[height=8cm]{foo}}

\subfloat[My fifth subfig caption]{\includegraphics[height=8cm]{foo}}\quad
\subfloat[My sixth subfig caption]{\includegraphics[height=8cm]{foo}}
\captionof{figure}{My caption for all subfigures together}

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Could someone please explaing why this triggers the wanted behaviour? – helt Nov 29 '12 at 13:13

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