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I have a similar question as ipavlic, that is, the break of a long table by the supertabular package comes too soon. The solution proposed by egreg works well for the supertabular environment, however, being a LateX noob I cannot get it to work for the supertabular* environment.

Minimal working example


      \ST@lineht=\arraystretch \baslineskp 
      %\global\advance\ST@lineht by 1\p@ 
      \ST@trace\tw@{Average line height: \the\ST@lineht}% 
      \ST@trace\tw@{Stretched line height: \the\ST@stretchht}% 


    \tablefirsthead{\hline\hline a & b & c\\\hline}
    \tablehead{\hline\hline a & b & c\\\hline}
    \begin{supertabular*}{1 \columnwidth}{@{\extracolsep{\fill}} c c c}
    1 & 2 & 3\\
    4 & 5 & 6\\


However, when I change supertabular* to strictsupertabular* I get an error. Is it possible to define a strictsupertabular environment that has tabular* functionality?

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Or you could try longtable? – David Carlisle Oct 23 '12 at 20:00
We'd like to keep answers separate from questions, so you should write a separate answer instead of editing your answer into the question. Self-answers are perfectly admissible, and a well-written answer may earn you additional reputation. – lockstep Oct 23 '12 at 21:05

[OP's answer, moved from question]

I figured it out, the following definition of the new strictsupertabular* environment works

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