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I'm using the package helvet in a document and would like to use the same font in a figure I'm making. Does TeXlive 2012 come with the TrueType or OpenType fonts that correspond to the helvetica clone used in helvet? Also, does it come with the same files for other common fonts that come with the distribution?

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TeX Gyre Heros is a clone of Helvetica and it is available in OpenType format. What's the setting in which you want to use it? – egreg Oct 24 '12 at 16:47
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Short answer: no.

Most LaTeX fonts are composed of 'other kind' of source files that can not easily be used in other programs. Some fonts also include TrueType or OpenType files but that is not guaranteed: you'll have to look it up for the font you use.

In your situation I suggest you switch to TeX Gyre Heros (tgheros) as it's an enhanced version of Helvetica. Depending on how you installed TeXlive 2012 they might already have been installed on your system so you can use them right away. If that is not the case: all TeX Gyre fonts can also be downloaded in OpenType format.

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