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I have seen some people suggest

note = {\url{http://example.com/}}
howpublished= {\url{http://example.com/}}

This works to a point but I need to explicitly say stuff like "[online]" and I cannot use note or howpublished more than once. The result is I cannot write complete references for my websites. This is the format I expected to use:

Author/Editor (use the corporate author if no individual author or editor is named)

Title (this should be in italics)


Available from: URL [Date of access]

This is how it is meant to look:

European Space Agency. ESA: Missions, Earth Observation: ENVISAT. [Online]. Available from: http://envisat.esa.int/ [Accessed 3rd July 2008].

The relevent packages I am using are:



bibliography style:

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Which bibliography style do you use? – Mico Oct 25 '12 at 17:34
added to question. – Magpie Oct 25 '12 at 18:18
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You don't mention which entry type you're employing, so I'll assume it's the @misc entry type. If this assumption is correct, the following structure might work for you:

   author  = "{European Space Agency}",
   title   = "\emph{{ESA: Missions, Earth Observation: ENVISAT}}",
   howpublished = "[Online]. Available from: \url{http://envisat.esa.int/}",
   note    = "[Accessed 3rd July 2008]"

enter image description here

Some details to note:

  • the use of curly braces in the author field to denote the fact that it's a "corporate" author rather than a person with first name "European", middle name "Space", and surname "Agency",
  • the use of the \emph{} command inside the title field, which is required because the unsrt bibliography style does not by default italicize the contents of the title field of entries of type @misc, and
  • the use of curly braces in the title field to prevent BibTeX from rendering the words ESA and ENVISAT in (mostly) lowercase letters.
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I ended up working around it slightly differently but either would have done. I did it like this: @misc{esa, author = "{European Space Agency}", title = "\emph{{ESA: Missions, Earth Observation: ENVISAT}{[Online]}}", howpublished = " Available from: \url{envisat.esa.int}", note = "[Accessed: 3rd July 2008]" } – Magpie Oct 28 '12 at 1:11

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