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On MetaPost, I can use p intersectionpoint q to get a intersection point. But It will only return one point. How can I get all intersection points?

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Taken from http://www.tug.org/pipermail/metapost/2008-October/001469.html with a number of changes to make the code more robust and general:


  path p,q,r;
  p := fullcircle xscaled 72 yscaled 36 shifted (10cm, 10cm);
  q := fullcircle xscaled 36 yscaled 72 shifted (10cm, 10cm);
  r := p;
  draw p withcolor green;
  draw q withcolor red;
  n = 0;
    r := r cutbefore q;
    exitif length cuttings = 0;
    r := subpath(epsilon, length r) of r;
    z[n] = point 0 of r;
    fill fullcircle scaled 2 shifted z[n] withcolor blue;
    n := n + 1;



In practice one finds the first intersection, then cuts one of the two pats just after the intersection, and go on finding the next intersections.

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Great! I Will test it. – 比尔盖子 Oct 28 '12 at 2:37

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