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I have problem sets with multiple problems where each problem gives a different number of points. Some are bonus points, some are regular points. I'd like to show a table with each problem and the points, as well as a total (only non-bonus problems counted).

So far, I have just a simple table where I put in \ref{1}, \ref{2} and Total, and in the next line I have some / 10, /20 and /20 written down. In each problem, which is a \section, I have \label{1} to mark then.

This does work, but I have the feeling that this could be automated. I would like to write something like \points{20} and \points*{10} after the sections, or maybe \problem{problem title}{20}. Then the table in the beginning of the document would automatically list all the problems and sum up all the non-bonus points and print the total into the last column.

Is that feasible or more work than just creating that table by hand?

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Perhaps the exam class could be an option for you. – Gonzalo Medina Oct 27 '12 at 15:28

The exam documentclass is definitely worth considering for this task. It has a lot of features that help when constructing tests/exams/quizzes, which include

  • \question to specify a question, which takes an optional numerical argument to detail the number of points, e.g \question[10] says that the question is worth 10 points
  • \gradetable which keeps track of the questions and their point value
  • \part to break the question in parts, which also takes an optional numerical argument (same as \question).


I've put a complete MWE below- there are more features detailed in the the documentation.


% can use geometry package to set page sizes

% can set headers and footers, similar 
% to fancyhdr package
\cfoot{\footnotesize Page \thepage {} of \numpages}
\lfoot{\footnotesize TOTAL POINTS \numpoints\ }
\rfoot{\footnotesize Exam 1}



\marginpointname{ \points}

% table of points


    %   QUESTION
    Use the definition of the derivative to find $f'(x)$ for the following functions
        \part[4] $f(x) = 2x^2 + 3$


        \part[4] $\displaystyle f(x)=\frac{1}{{x+3}}$



    %   QUESTION
    Find the following limits. 

        \bonuspart[4] $\displaystyle \lim_{x\rightarrow 4}\frac{x^2-x-12}{x-4}$


        \part[4] $\displaystyle\lim_{h\rightarrow 0}\frac{\sqrt{4+h}-2}{h}$


        \part[4] $\displaystyle \lim_{x\rightarrow \infty}\frac{4x^3-x-2}{5x^3 + 4x +1}$


        \part[4] $\displaystyle \lim_{x\rightarrow \frac{\pi}{2}}\frac{\cos\left(x-\pi\right)}{\cos(x)\sin(x)}$



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