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I am trying to have the cell on the left be aligned with the three cells on the right, so that they all start at the same height:

\multirow{3}{*}{\raisebox{-.1\height}{\includegraphics[width=3.5in]{plot.pdf}}} & 

 lots of text here

 lots of text here

lots of text here


right now, the cell on the right is much higher than the cell on the left.

I tried raisebox, as can be seen in the code, but it doesn't raise the image. I tried both -.1 and .1, I tried various numbers - the raisebox does not have any effect. I think it is related to the fact I am using multirow.

Is there a way to vertically align the image and the cells on the right?

I will also mention that the cells on the right do not overflow at the bottom, there is definitely space where you could fit it and "lower" them.

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Can you provide a complete, compilable MWE? – hpesoj626 Oct 28 '12 at 13:16

You want to make the height of the image the height of a line, with the rest of the vertical space being placed in the depth so you want the height to change from \height (its natural height) to \dp\strutbox (or perhaps a slight fudge factor depending how close to the top you want the image).




\raisebox{\ht\strutbox-\height}{\includegraphics{wibble}}& one two three four five six seven eight\\

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