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I'm trying to make a class file to help me draft bylaws for clubs, but I'm running into a problem with \includegraphics. I want to be able to define a club logo using a \logo command (see class file), with the option of passing options to \includegraphics, but it doesn't want to work.

Class file:

\ProvidesClass{bylaws_min}[2012/10/27 version 0.01 "alpha" Bylaws]

\RequirePackage[margin=1in]{geometry}% Sets page margins
\RequirePackage{graphicx}% Allows adding images to documents



Document file:






I've tried both \logo[scale=2]{imagefile.jpg} (or some other option other than scale=2), or just \logo{imagefile.jpg}, and I get variations on this error:

Package keyval Error: scale=2 undefined.
See the keyval package documentation for explanation.
Type H <return> for immediate help.

1.7 \maketitle

I've played around with this for a while, and it seems that there are two problems. First, \ifx never sees \@logoopts as \@empty (in other words, the comparison always fails, and the \else statement always happens). Second, if I explicitly create an image like \includegrahpics[scale=2]{imagefile.jpg} in \maketitle, everything works, but if I try to pass it the options with \@logoopts it fails. But passing it the image file name with \@logoimage always works.

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Actually the error message is a bit misleading. As Heiko explains, the contents of the optional argument to \includegraphics is not expanded when the command is executed; however the error messages do expand things, so you find scale=2 undefined. If you mistype an option, for example \includegraphics[scaled=2]{file}, you'd get scaled undefined and you can see that the part from = onward would not appear. – egreg Oct 29 '12 at 13:42
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There is no need for \@empty as default argument. It only would costs extra work.


The option parser needs explicit key value settings:


If I remember correctly, then \@logoimage is expanded once by graphics. Otherwise it also would have to be expanded for parsing the file name.

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Since the options and the image file must be expandable, we can avoid a chain of \expandafter.

% Default setting, in case Ben User calls \maketitle without first calling \logo:
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