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Is there a bibliography style (I'm using bibtex) that works with article class where the numbers appear as superscripts and also numbered as they appear in the text (as in unsrt)? I read some related questions using revtex, but nothing seem to work with basic article class.

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The cite package provides such functionality and works with the standard bibliography styles such as unsrt.




Refering to second article\cite{art2} and then first article\cite{art1}


with test.bib containing

  author =   {Author, A. N.},
  title =    {Title One},
  journal =  {Journal},
  year =     2000

  author =   {Author, A. N.},
  title =    {Title Two},
  journal =  {Journal},
  year =     2008


Sample output

The first option superscript to the cite package affects the citations in the text, the second biblabel adjusts those in the bibliography.

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This is just what is needed! To get the citings to have brackets around them, one has to use \makeatletter \renewcommand{\@citess}[1]{\textsuperscript{\,[#1]}} \makeatother – np8 Nov 16 '13 at 17:19

You could use the natbib package and invoke it with the super option:


With this setup, \cite commands will generate citation markers as superscript-positioned numbers. Note that the natbib package is compatible with a wide range of bibliography style files, including the "original" BibTeX style files plain, unsrt, and alpha.

If you use the hyperref package as well, these superscript numbers will automatically be made into hyperlinks to the corresponding items in the bibliography.

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If you prefer commas between the citations superscripts you can use \usepackage[super,comma]{natbib} – Virgo Feb 18 '14 at 5:53
natbib is perfect! cite will place the superscript after punctuation, the bibliography list entry number will also be superscript and it auto reorders citations by ascending number, whereasnatbib does not have those issues. – gaborous Jun 10 at 2:17
@gaborous - Thanks! For the sake of completeness: If the cite package is used (instead of natbib), auto-reordering of the citation call-outs by ascending number can be disabled by specifying the nosort option. – Mico Jun 10 at 5:23

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