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How can I modify the glossaries e.g. alttree style to not use bold fonts for the entries in second level. First level should remain bold.

I'd like to do it like

\glossarystyle{list}% base this style on the list style
\renewcommand{\glsgroupskip}{}% make nothing happen between groups

but I do not know the command to "renew"

P.S.: Using the longragged style would fit even better. In that case I'd like to change the identication of the first column and make first level entries bold.

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If you take a look into glossaries.pdf or glossary-longragged.sty you will find the following definition of the glossary style longragged:

    \glsentryitem{##1}\glstarget{##1}{##2} & ##3\glspostdescription\space ##5%
     \glstarget{##2}{\strut}##4\glspostdescription\space ##6%
  \renewcommand*{\glsgroupskip}{\ifglsnogroupskip\else & \tabularnewline\fi}%

Now what you need to do is change the definitions that you want differently in your style:



\newglossaryentry{test}{name={test},description={some description text}}
\newglossaryentry{test2}{name={another test},description={some description text}}
\newglossaryentry{test3}{name={a third test},description={some description text}}
  {name={child 1},description={some description text},parent={parent}}
  {name={child 2},description={some description text},parent={parent}}

  % with ``I'd like to change the identication of the first column''
  % you presumably mean you want the table to fill the line width?
     {\begin{longtabu} to \linewidth {X[2l]X[8p]}}%
  % renew the entry field to make the entries bold by adding \bfseries:
    \bfseries\glsentryitem{##1}\glstarget{##1}{##2} & ##3\glspostdescription\space ##5%
  % renew the entry field for sub entries; make them non bold indented
  % versions of the main entries:
    \quad\glssubentryitem{##2}\glstarget{##2}{##3} & ##4\glspostdescription\space ##6%




enter image description here

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Would you mind giving an example with two levels? That is what I am searching for. Thanks anyway for the solution given above – louis cypher Nov 1 '12 at 0:17
@louiscypher see the edit. Does that help you? – clemens Nov 1 '12 at 14:35

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