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Here is my Minexample

\mainlanguage   [de]


\setupbodyfontenvironment   [default][em=italic] % use italic as em, not slanted

\setuphead[subsection][before={\blank[line]},style=bold] % Kleine subsections, besserer grid


%\setupbackgrounds  [header][text][frame=off,bottomframe=on]

Last paragraph Text.....

\section{First section}

\subsection{First Subsection}


Now you see in the grid, that the placement is not optimal. There are three lines before and after the section. It would be better to have f.e. 3 before and 1 after, or 2 before and 1 after or aynthing like that. How to achieve that?

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Neither the language, paper size, page background and italic or bold settings are needed to illustrate the empty line problem. Try to construct the example as minimal as possible. – Marco Nov 1 '12 at 13:01
I was not sure about the paper size, typescript and font size because it determines the number of lines – Mustafa Nov 1 '12 at 13:15
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The Details manual has detailed explanations about grid typesetting and section head placement on the grid. In your case you need to use the grid=low setting.






Last paragraph Text.....

\startsection [title=First section]
  \startsubsection[title=First Subsection]




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