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I am using the [utf8]{inputenc} and [russian]{babel} and this allows me to input certain Cyrillic characters easily, but it is also turning certain titles where I have used commands like \tableofcontents, \abstract and \date{\today} into Cyrillic form too. I can, for instance, change the \today command to read \date{01/11/2012}, which does fix the problem, but it still stops me from using certain useful commands, like the ones mentioned above.

I have set out in a table two alphabets: the Latin version, with the corresponding Cyrillic equivalents.

E.g. (Latin on the left, Cyrillic on the right)

A a - A a

B b - Б б

C c - Ц ц


Z z - З з

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use [russian,english] the last listed language is the default and used for fixed strings. You can still switch between russian and english using babel features/ – David Carlisle Nov 1 '12 at 16:52
Would you please add an example of code, stating more clearly what you want in cyrillic and what in latin characters? – egreg Nov 1 '12 at 17:14
I've done this, but I get an error, it's because I had previously copy and pasted the Cyrillic characters I needed and now they don't work. I do I insert the Cyrillic characters using this package? – Danger Fourpence Nov 1 '12 at 17:15
@egreg I've given an example now. – Danger Fourpence Nov 1 '12 at 17:23
@DangerFourpence That's not an example, sorry. What's the main language of the document? – egreg Nov 1 '12 at 17:29
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You have to set the main language to English; with only \usepackage[russian]{babel} you're setting the main language to Russian, which is inadequate for typesetting English text.


\newunicodechar{ŝ}{\^{s}} % handy shortcut

\author{Danger Fourpence}
\title{The cyrillic alphabet}


\section{The alphabet}

This is the Russian alphabet
{Аа} & a & {Бб} & b & {Вв} & v & {Гг} & g & {Дд} & d & {Ее} & e \\
{Ёё} & ë & {Жж} & ž & {Зз} & z & {Ии} & i & {Йй} & j & {Кк} & k \\
{Лл} & l & {Мм} & m & {Нн} & n & {Оо} & o & {Пп} & p & {Рр} & r \\
{Сс} & s & {Тт} & t & {Уу} & u & {Фф} & f & {Хх} & h & {Цц} & c \\
{Чч} & č & {Шш} & š & {Щщ} & ŝ & {Ъъ} & $''$ & {Ыы} & y & {Ьь} & $'$ \\
{Ээ} & è & {Юю} & û & {Яя} & â 

enter image description here

For small excerpts in Russian, use \foreignlanguage{russian}{Москва} or the otherlanguage* environment for paragraphs in Russian.

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