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Possible Duplicate:
Multiple bibliographies

I am working on the tex file for a journal in which several articles will be published. I created a Master tex file, let's call it master.tex, that contains contents such as the titlepage, the imprint, the table of contents etc. For the sake of orginization I saved the articles in seperate tex files and include them in the master tex.

Every article has it's own bibliography .bib. The problem that arises is that at the end of an article (where I inserted the bibliography-command) a bibliography appears, however not the correct one. The first bib file that is inserted in the master tex appears on every position where a bibliography command is.

Can you help me out?


\documentclass[twoside, 10pt]{article}

whereas every article tex file has the same structure


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It seems to me that it is a job for the bibunits package.

\documentclass[twoside, 10pt]{article}

  author = "Author1",
  title  = "Title1",
  year = 2011}
  author = "Author2",
  title  = "Title2",
  year = 2012}


\section{Author 1}

\section{Author 2}

You have to run LaTeX first and then bibtex buX where X is the number of the bibunit, for each bibunit you have, and finally compile with LaTeX (or whatever variant you use).

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