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I'm using the exam package and want to use \fillwithlines{\stretch{1}} but only so it goes .6\textwidth across the page. I've tried using minipage, parbox, and makebox, but none of them work with the \stretch{1} command.

The code below does not print any lines at all.


        \question Question\newline
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Welcome to TeX.SE! Please edit your question to provide a MWE (minimum working example) of a LaTeX program that generates the issues you're trying to solve. – Mico Nov 2 '12 at 11:11
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Use the following variation of \fillwithlines allowing you to specify as optional argument the width of the lines (default=\textwidth):


    \leaders\hrule height \linefillthickness\hfill%

  \hrule height \z@
  \setbox0=\hbox to \hsize{\hskip \@totalleftmargin
          \vrule height \linefillheight depth \z@ width \z@
  % We use \cleaders (rather than \leaders) so that a given
  % vertical space will always produce the same number of lines
  % no matter where on the page it happens to start:
  \cleaders \copy0 \vskip #2 \hbox{}%

        \question Question\newline
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