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Currently, my epstopdf is not able to convert eps to pdf correctly due to the boundingbox (atend) bug that the epstopdf does not support. However, I intend to use pdfcrop on the generated pdf file and that usually fix the white space problem. However, I have to manually fix every generated file. Is there a way to automate this in latex? For example, automatically calling pdfcrop immediately after epstopdf. I tried using DeclareGraphicsRule in epstopdf but it wasn't working.

Please advise. Thanks a lot ! :)

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Which bug? atend is supported by epstopdf. – Heiko Oberdiek Nov 7 '12 at 10:56
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The following adds an option crop to graphicx/\includegraphics. If enabled, it adds pdfcrop to the conversion of .eps to .pdf.

Because pdfcrop is not added to the restricted shell escape command list, full shell escape is needed: --shell-escape (TeX Live) or --enable-write18 (MiKTeX).

If the file is converted and uptodate, changing the option crop does not have an effect. Also the option does not affect other image files.


  \csname Gin@pdfcrop#1\endcsname
  epstopdf --outfile=%
    tmp-image.pdf #1 &&
    pdfcrop tmp-image.pdf \OutputFile

Example usages:

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oh wow.. this works beautifully! Thanks so much.. appreciate it :) :) – Ivan Nov 7 '12 at 12:17

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