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I use the jurabib package and everything works fine.

Entries in bibliography look like this:

Doe, John: How to vote for a Democrat, Kluwer 2012.

Does anyone know how I can delete the comma between "Doe" and "John"?

I found that for the biblatex package there is this command:


However, this does not work for jurabib.

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Switched to \usepackage{biblatex} – user19581 Jan 27 '13 at 19:57
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Looking into jurabib.sty, I stumbled upon a suspicious code block with lots of hardcoded comma signs. Replacing them with space commands indeed did the trick. That doesn't mean I know what all those macros do, and it also doesn't mean you shouldn't consider switching to biblatex. ;-)



\renewcommand\jbRevedFirstNoVonNoJr{\biblnfmt{\jbLast\ }\bibfnfmt{\jbCheckedFirst}}%
\renewcommand\jbRevedFirstNoVonJr{\biblnfmt{\jbLast\ \jbJunior\ }\bibfnfmt{\jbCheckedFirst}}%
\renewcommand\jbRevedFirstVonNoJr{\biblnfmt{\jbLast\ }\bibfnfmt{\jbCheckedFirst\space\jbVon}}%
\renewcommand\jbRevedFirstVonJr{\biblnfmt{\jbLast\ \jbJunior\ }\bibfnfmt{\jbCheckedFirst\space\jbVon}}%
\renewcommand\jbRevedNotFirstNoVonJr{\bibfnfmt{\jbCheckedFirst\space}\biblnfmt{\jbLast\ \jbJunior}}%
\renewcommand\jbRevedNotFirstVonJr{\bibfnfmt{\jbCheckedFirst\space\jbVon~}\biblnfmt{\jbLast\ \jbJunior}}%
\renewcommand\jbNotRevedNoVonNoJr{\biblnfmt{\jbLast\ }\bibfnfmt{\jbCheckedFirst}}% <-- THE IMPORTANT CHANGE
\renewcommand\jbNotRevedNoVonJr{\biblnfmt{\jbLast\ \jbJunior\ }\bibfnfmt{\jbCheckedFirst}}%
\renewcommand\jbNotRevedVonNoJr{\biblnfmt{\jbLast\ }\bibfnfmt{\jbCheckedFirst\space\jbVon}}%
\renewcommand\jbNotRevedVonJr{\biblnfmt{\jbLast\ \jbJunior\ }\bibfnfmt{\jbCheckedFirst\space\jbVon}}%


  author = {Author, A.},
  year = {2001},
  title = {Alpha},





enter image description here

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Thanks lockstep, I took your advice and switched to Biblatex! – user19581 Jan 27 '13 at 19:56

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