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I'm using the fancyhdr package for writing a document and I'd like each section of the document to start at half page (even better if I could decide height), and the section's name and number to be flushed on the right part of the page.

Furthermore, in the starting page of a section I'd like to remove the header, and have the number of the page on the bottom and not in the top.

What a new section is like in my case:

enter image description here

what I'd like it to be (don't mind the style, just the position of title and section number):

enter image description here

should I use a certain package or are there some commands I should use at the beginning of each section?

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I'd suggest you to use a document class with \chapter sectional units; in the standard classes, the first page of a chapter has plain page style (no header and page number on the bottom, as required). To customize the formatting for the chapter headings you can use, for example, the titlesec package. A little example:






enter image description here

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Thks for pointing out a solution, it was very helpful! :) can I just ask you please to explain me with some comments what are the commands you used?thks in advance! – Matteo Nov 9 '12 at 8:32

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