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Is it possible to customize citation styles? I'm not talking about the bibliography, but the appearance of the optional argument in \cite[Theorem $4$]{Pitagora}.

Usually it is rendered as [Pit03, Theorem 4], but one may want to have [Pit03], Theorem 4 or Theorem 4 - [Pit03] or whatever. Does the bibliography style change this?

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One way might be something like this.

For your specific example, you could also just define your own command


And then cite it using \mycite{Pitagora}{Theorem~4}. I would not put $ in the reference, since the 4 is not a mathematical formula and should be treated as text.

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I don't want to change all \cite to \mycite, but using a temporary command to make the rename, as suggested in the thread you link, works fine. Thank you – Andrea Jan 4 '11 at 14:34

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